Spielboden Dornbirn

Sa, 02.02.2019 21:00 Uhr



... Die Norwegischen Indie-Popper von Kakkmaddafakka spielen am 6. November ein Konzert im Spielboden Dornbirn.

About Kakkmaddafakka
There’s a lot of things about Kakkmaddafakka that are confusing. Whether it's their unpronounceable name or genre-bending sound the confusion is understandable. But when this band gets on a stage everything makes sense. Since their formation in 2004 the band has gone through many changes, but one thing has remained constant, a spectacular live show which has thrilled audiences all the way from the youth clubs of Bergen to international crowds of over 50,000. The path to success has been just as unconventional. With a maximalist approach and unashamed sense of fun, the Norwegian press and media wrote them off as a novelty act. The band relied on word of mouth and early social media to get their message across. Luckily their message made it overseas and found the appreciative ears of bookers for some of the World’s biggest festivals.

In 2011, the band released their first album ‘Hest’, with fellow Bergen resident Erlend Øye as producer, which received widespread critical acclaim outside of Norway, and spread their sound all over the globe. The follow-up album ‘Six Months is a Long Time' (2013), furthered this success and the band completed several sell-out tours of Europe, South America and Mexico, while performing at many of Europe’s major festivals. Having released two more self-produced albums, ‘KMF’ in 2016 and ‘Hus’ in 2017, the band has an enviable catalogue of hits to play live.

While Kakkmaddafakka are now seasoned veterans of the live circuit, they feel like they’re just getting started. With a hectic festival summer ahead and playing Roskilde festival for the second year in a row, the band are looking forward to a huge headline tour throughout October, November and December in new cities and countries they have never played spread over Europe and South-America. Be sure to get some Kakk.

Spielboden Dornbirn


Der Spielboden Dornbirn befindet sich in einem ehemaligen Fabriksareal der Textilindustrie, heute als "Rhomberg´s Fabrik" bekannt. Das Haus verfügt über ein großes Foyer, eine Bar, die ebenfalls als Veranstaltungsort verwendet werden kann, einen Veranstaltungssaal für 330 sitzende oder 600 stehende Personen, einen Kinosaal für bis zu 50 Personen, einen Proben- und Mehrzwecksaal für bis zu 50 Personen und über einen Gastgarten. Die meisten Räumlichkeiten können gemietet werden.


Parkplätze stehen am Haus zur Verfügung.